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The Adventures of
Grim Willard
A Grim Beginning, A Grimmer END!
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Chapter 1, Part 2

Near the End, Yet Before the Beginning

The Negotiation

Losing her patience, Rayla cuts in.

I, for one, agree with Merganzer!  So hold your tongue, Thrain!  As we have a lot to get through.’

‘Now for you, Merganzer!  As the representative of my Family’s Line, I ask of you, what do you think?  Do you approve of our suggested mix?  Or, are you saying that what we’re proposing just isn’t going to happen?  An opinion which you seem to feel is shared by some, here within.  But first, before you answer, I, we that is, know that what we are proposing can be viewed from several perspectives.  The thing is, for us, given what we are facing, we believe we need to take a chance on this one...’

Rayla pauses for a second, allowing time for Merganzer to reflect on her words. ‘The truth is that we have been through this before and failed.  This is why we feel we have to follow our gut, as opposed to following a tradition that recently hasn’t served us so well.’

‘Now, you believe that we are taking an unnecessary chance.  In turn, we feel that what we are proposing, be it risky, might be our best, and maybe our last chance to avoid, and maybe even END the conflict which has so troubled our world.  A conflict which many believe, if not dealt with, is likely to AGAIN BRING THIS WORLD TO ITS KNEES.’


For us, from the outside looking in, with looking around at the surrounding podiums, with reading the body language of those listening in, it is obvious that there are those who understand all too well the import of her words, this illustrated by how some are silently, and solemnly, nodding in agreement.

Of these, based on their experience, they know that the outcome of what these three are currently negotiating has the potential of impacting their soul lines as well.  That their success would mean the same for them.  Having said as much, a quick eye around informs us that a couple of those currently listening in, as opposed to partaking in their own negotiations, seem to be expressing their disagreement.  Of these, one soul in particular, apparently only concerned about what’s good for their soul line, is dismissively rolling their eyes.  I guess that this is proof positive that there is more than one way to view the same thing, that a cataclysmic event for one might be a looked forward to opportunity for another.

Enough about their thoughts, let’s get back to the three.


Merganzer, wanting to control the narrative, cuts in.

Rayla, in answer to you ..."

Grim Willed Warriors

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