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Young or old, all shapes, sizes, abilities, races, and home addresses will be considered.

The one caveat being that, to begin with, we are working on  English language projects, but in time, if the rhythm of the universe allows, more languages will follow.


To help spread the grim words of Grim Willard’s Documentarian, we are building a troop of performers, those gifted with unique character and abilities, and we seek to develope a  roster to include a wide range of performers..  Those chosen are to become  part of a team whose job it will be to introduce to the greater world a somewhat mind-bending new Junior Fiction adventure series, “The Adventures of Grim Willard, A Grim Beginning - A Grimmer End”.  A story in many parts.

To participate in the audition process, follow the link below where you will find the audition details

To begin with, please give the Grim Willard series’ Introduction “The Documentarian”, a read.  From there we hope that you can imagine for yourself how you, as a character in this project would look and sound.   Once going through this thought process, if you think you might have what it takes, then consider hitting the audition link. There you will find a preselected assortment of Grim outtakes to choose from for your audition.

As a Grim Willard Documentarian (the story’s narrator), the chosen actors need to be comfortable with giving public readings, open to travel, able to work independently, at the same time that they are willing to participate in a variety of theatric, (audio, video and live) productions.  Beyond the obvious those chosen must also be willing to, in an agreed upon manner, interact with the media and press..  In essence we are looking for those who are comfortable with making the Adventures of Grim Willard A Grim Beginning, A Grimmer END! series their own.

The role of The Documentarian is that of an instructor or guide, that is to say, possessing a wealth of experience and a genuine desire to share what they know. The intended audience of The Documentarian should be considered as peer-like or mentorship rather than place of pedantism or of a know-it-all.




Before you decide whether or not to audition for The Adventures of Grim Willard, it is important for you to first understand the Grim nature of this story.

First off, and most importantly, at its root, The Adventures of Grim Willard is a story which is written in a manner which encourages its readers to become critical thinkers, to find ways to understand others and to gauge situations by way of viewing things through more than one lens.  It is also meant to help to give its readers the skills to see through the mis truths of those that would peddle disinformation.  In other words The Adventures of Grim Willard is a book which aims to empower its readers, at the same time inoculating them against cult-like thinking.

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