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The Squad

Megan McGlenning

Actor & Voice Over Artist

Megan is a kindred spirit, a singer, and a musician with a captivating and hypnotic voice that draws you in like a warm smile.

Megan is also lending her talents to The World of Grim at this year's Winnipeg Comiccon.

She is also making her narrator debut for The Adventures of Grim Willard as the voice of multiple characters in this epic series

Andrew Scott

Voice Over Artist

Andrew Scott is a talented voice you will never forget!  Song writer and Musician, podcaster and teacher, Andrew currently lives in Beaumont, Alberta, Canada with his wife Julie, their two children, and their cat.

 Andrew has toured throughout Canada, Asia, Europe, and the UK, performing an eclectic hybrid of acoustic based Canadiana. He has graciously volunteered to be Grim's first "voice" for this project.

Andrew Scott
Aravinda Indika Hettiarachichi

Aravinda Indika Hettiarachichi

A multi-faceted actor, producer, and instructor, Arvinda lives as a single parent in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Due to his responsibility and love for his 2 boys, he has chosen to temporarily pause his beloved life As a stage actor, and is currently the 

producer and promotion executive for Swarga tV of Rock Foundation.

He brings a unique voice and energy to this project and we are fortunate that he has chosen to be part of our Grim Willard Team!

Voice Over Artist

J.D. Edwards

JD Edwards is an award winning singer/songwriter, musician and entertainer, performing and touring on international stages for nearly 20 years.

JD has worked in radio and television as a producer, show host, and voice talent including voicing a roll on the internationally acclaimed

children’s show, “SupaStikas”. 

JD is grateful to his family and friends for their love and support and would like to thank all those involved in this project for making it a very rewarding experience. 

Voice Over Artist

J.D. Edwards
Keegan Sveinson

Keegan Sveinson

Project Consultant

Possessor of a mind which isn’t afraid of going to, and experiencing, whatever the world puts on offer, we are grateful that Keegan has agreed to lend his eye and mind to this project. 


Blessed with the ability to see through brick walls, around corners, into the deepest, darkest, pits, not to mention beyond the stars above us, thus giving him the ability to see the bigger picture, we feel blessed to be able to take advantage of the guidance he unselfishly, and humbly offers to others.

Alana Hinton

Project & Event Coordinator & Agent

Charged with overseeing and coordinating the release of the Adventures of Grim Willard, 'A Grim Beginning - A Grimmer END!’ An epic Junior Fiction Adventures Series, Alana, along with the positive energy she exudes, has been chosen by Grim (a very shy and reclusive author) for reasons which, once you come to know her as Grim knows her, are obvious.

In addition to being the gooey stuff holding this group together, Alana has a contagious belief in the project which she harnesses to move our ever expanding team forward.

Sveinson Self Portrait

Sheldon Valdimar Sveinson

Head of Product Design & Illustration

Project artist responsible for cover art, page layout, design, and illustration.


"The fact is, a personal opinion should be evolutionary, subject to change, based on new inputs.  However, this can only come about if one allows oneself to be open to new and/or contrarian ideas. "

Grim Willard

Our (ever-so-shy) author, is grateful for the team that is heading up this project so that they can devote their time to writing

The Adventures of Grim Willard series,

 a story in many parts.

Grim Willard
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